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Are your limousines QVM Certified? E-mail

Yes they are...  For more information about QVM/CMC VMA please read below.



 The Limousine Industry Manufacturers Organization and subsequently the QVM/CMC VMA were created by coachbuilders to deal with pertinent issues relating to the production of limousines, such as safety, quality and continuous improvement. By policing themselves, the members ensure that FMVSS and the guidelines established by Lincoln and Cadillac are met on all vehicles built by participating companies. Since its inception in 1986, the organization has made great strides in creating a higher level of professionalism and safety in the limousine industry. It is estimated that its members currently build approximately 70 percent of the world’s limousines each year.

An aggressive lawyer who tries to go after Lincoln or Cadillac for damages from an accident involving a limousine that was built without regard to QVM or CMC guidelines may run up against a surprising answer—particularly if the limousine was stretched more than 120 inches for Lincoln and 130 inches for Cadillac. When a coachbuilder converts a sedan into a limousine that falls far enough outside the parameters established by Lincoln and Cadillac, that coachbuilder may become the actual manufacturer of the vehicle, as opposed to just a converter. This takes Lincoln and Cadillac cleanly and completely out of the loop, in the event of an accident.

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