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Frequently asked questions answered

Question 1

Q:  What should I ask before renting a limo? 

A: Here are a few questions to ask before renting a limo:

What is the year, make and model of the limo? 

How many miles are on the limo? 

What is your hourly rate and when does the time start? 

What Is the industry standard for tipping drivers? 

Will you supply ice and bottled water?

Do you have full coverage commercial insurance?

Do you charge drive time to my location for pickup? 

Does the limo have AC power connection? 

Does the limo have an Auxiliary connection for my phone/laptop?

Question 2

Q: Who will drive us?

A: We have a number of professional drivers that will be your driver based on availability.

Question 3

Q: Are your limousines QVM Certified?

A: Yes, our limos are QVM certified. To learn more about QVM certification click here.

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